Who We Are

PURNAM is a Sanskrit word which means “Complete”. We aim to COMPLETE the education of every person so they are ready to COMPETE. PURNAM is an assembly of rich industry experienced and highly successful professionals with the soul initiative of enabling today’s students and current workforce to catch up with changing and challenging industry expectations. At PURNAM we map the industry pain points to the resource training requirements. We believe every problem can be defined and later solved by effectively training the people involved. Our training is for students and professionals from all walks of life. Our trainers are also from various disciplines and roles in corporates. They have joined together to give back their share of gratitude to society in the form of heart transforming training programs. At PURNAM be believe ‘every person can be successful if he is adequality trained and motivated’.

What Makes PURNAM Special

There are thousands on training institutions and seasoned trainers who impart soft skills trainings which primarily deal with improving Communication Skills, Presentation Skills or Public Speaking Skills. But inspite of these courses imparted to people, 99% of time is spent by managers on grooming the workforce rather than getting the real work done. We at PURNAM have done extensive surveys with many Managers from various industries and have understood that the need on the floor is different from what everyone thinks it is. “There is a large GAP in what is being educated vs what is expected out of that education”. GAP in requirement is more dangerous than GAP in design. We at PURNAM have gathered the exact expectations of industry from its workforce and have later outlined training requirements exactly catering to those expectations. These training are customised and directed related to the events that occur at workspace. At PURNAM we believe in educating what is applicable and specific to the needs. Our courses do not bombard people with theories of management which don’t apply to today’s industry scenarios.

What PURNAM Offers

Corporate world is clearly declaring a need for proper balance of skills, abilities and personality in order to be competitive and effective at work. No person is great at work only because he possesses good technical education. Person’s questioning ability determines his ability to understand and excel in all situations. Today whole world is looking for workforce with good IQ (Intelligent Questioning), EQ (Emotional Questioning) and SQ (Spiritual Questioning). For assigning employees to leadership roles, today Global Multinational companies are accessing their employees to gain SQ and EQ along with IQ. Greater than IQ is EQ, and greater than EQ is SQ. PURNAM offers trainings for Corporate Skills (IQ), Personality Development (EQ) and Spiritual Foundation (SQ). Rainbow looks beautiful because it has many colors, similarly a leader is great because of various qualities he radiates in his every action. Character of person is the core reason for him to become successful in all endeavours. And Character is formed by values one acquires from the association one chooses to stay in. If we one is in association of losers one can never win any battle in life. At PURNAM we give association of successful leaders, and make the trainees learn from such experienced teachers that over a period of time their character undergoes transformation.

PURNAM Certified Trainers

Teaching is the most noble profession and highly regarded in all disciplines. Our culture says that society is secured when we have able Teachers, Soldiers and Farmers. That’s why we say Jai Guru, Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan. Teaching not only creates the next generation but it also grooms the current generation to cater to the current needs of society. Teacher is not supposed to be a bookish knowledge person. Such teachers cannot produce leaders as they cannot transform hearts. Hard reality is most of the trainers in market today do not have any industry experience and most of them have entered training field because they could not find a proper place in industry. With great pride we declare that our trainers in PURNAM are extremely successful leaders from multinational companies, with immense overseas global exposure, highly educated in various disciplines. They at the peak of their professional careers have embarked a task of training the next generation only out of passion to help them become successful in their career goals. At PURNAM we certify our trainers in our courses before they impart them to anyone.

Our Team


Laxman Reddy P V – Founder Purnam Outreach

Head - Finance and Administration Chartered Accountant, Dual PGDBA (Finance & International Marketing).

JP Mishra – Corporate Trainer

Executive Business Analytics - IIM Calcutta, PGDESD - CDAC
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Praveen Krovvidi – Mentor

Principal Software Eng. Lead at Microsoft India

Subbarao V Kattamuri – Mentor

Country Head at Aztec Consulting

Satya Srinivas Devata – Mentor

Executive Vice President & GlobalBusiness Head at Lorhan IT, a First Tek, Inc. Company

Dr. Gajendranath Chowdary – Mentor

IIT Professor, Hyderabad